Conan O’Brien Takes On The Dream Team (2032)

Exclusive ESPN coverage of Conan & Andy’s brutal beatdown of budding Olympians.

That’s the description for the following clip from ‘Conan’, featuring Conan O’Brien and Andy Richter putting all the “which Dream Team could beat which other Dream Team” debates to bed by challenging the Dream Team 2032, aka a bunch of little kids. Highlights include nap time, a game of keep-away and the natural hilarity of watching tiny, tiny babies try to shoot a basketball on a regulation hoop. Also, Conan O’Brien being surprisingly pretty good at basketball.

Full video is below, with a h/t to NESW Sports. The Orlando Magic should go ahead and look into signing some of these guys.

For extra lulz, check out the comments section on the video and read people sincerely complaining about how the 2032 Dream Team doesn’t have enough white players. Seriously.