10.28.07 10 years ago 7 Comments

The top 3 college football teams of the AP Top 25 are unchanged from last week's poll for the first time since Week 1 of the season.  Finally, we have teams winning games they are supposed to win.  And by the recommended number of points by which they are supposed to defeat their opponents.  Although, Boston College's late comeback over Virginia Tech did cause my left arm to tingle and a copper to taste in my mouth.  The moral of this story is to avoid gambling, sexy readers, for it causes one to participate in despicable practices, like rooting for Jesuit schools.

Anyway, Connecticut, currently ranked #16, cracked the Division I-A Top 25 for the first time in school history.  Wow!  Connecticut has a football team?  Debate still rages whether they have achieved their victories through phantom fair catches or by utilizing disguised female basketball players on the O-line.  Either way, when my brain reverts to its 1993 conception of the college football landscape when I place my drunken parlays next Friday night, I won't remember UConn is good at football now. -KD 

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