Conor McGregor’s Fans Swarmed Floyd Mayweather’s Car, Creating Total Mayhem

Entertainment Editor

All four stops on the Mayweather-McGregor World Tour were, as Dana White predicted, sh*tshows. Sometimes entertaining, sometimes cringe-worthy, but always sh*tshows. This cannot be denied. The only other undeniable facet of the shows was the fierce love shown for McGregor, and intense dislike spewed Mayweather’s way. Chants of “pay your taxes” and “f*ck the Mayweathers” rang loud and clear in Los Angeles, Toronto, New York, and London.

What we didn’t see was the legion of McGregor fans who swarmed Floyd Mayweather’s very expensive-looking car after the London press obligations wrapped. TMZ got ahold of the video that shows dozens of fans taunting Mayweather and putting their hands all over the vehicle. It could’ve got out of control (if it wasn’t almost already) if a few of Mayweather’s burly bodyguards didn’t start shoving the rowdy fans out of the way.

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