Absolutely Everyone Thinks Conor McGregor Destroyed Floyd Mayweather In Their Trash Talk Battle

Entertainment Editor

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If Floyd Mayweather won the first round of the Mayweather-McGregor World Tour, then Conor McGregor won round two 10-8. There would be no more mics mysteriously cutting out and no more playing nice for McGregor, who took on the Mayweather entourage, Showtime, and seemingly the entire sport of boxing as Dana White giggled himself a strange shade of pink.

And McGregor didn’t need a suit to say “f*ck you.” He did it himself.

Not only did McGregor dominate Mayweather in the trash talk department (the Irishman had 15,000 people in the palm of his hand), the crowd was completely behind him. Every time Mayweather went back to one of his catchphrases, he would be drowned out by boos. There was even a “UFC” chant. If that doesn’t say something about the state of boxing, I don’t know what does.

Just look at some of the madness from today. It seems like every single person out there agrees that McGregor destroyed Mayweather in their trash talk battle with two more press conferences to go.

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