Even Conor McGregor’s Suit Was Trash-Talking Floyd Mayweather At Their Press Conference

Getty Image

The first press conference between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor went down as expected. McGregor came out in a dashing new suit and talked a ridiculous amount of trash to Floyd, bringing up his IRS bills while Mayweather did his best to talk back. Little did we know until McGregor pointed it out, that his own suit was spitting in the general direction of Mayweather as well. Look at the stitching. That’s a neat little “f*ck you” up and down the suit.

McGregor is known for his custom-made suits, and he promised this McGrgor line would be out soon. Whether or not it would feature that stitching is another question. Of course, money, style, fashion and back taxes were brought up often during the presser early and often:

But maybe this line of suits would sell? It seems like enough people want McGregor’s special brand of fahsion. In fact, it’s blowing up all over the Twitter-verse.

Conor McGregor’s greatest rival Nate Diaz weighed in on the shenanigans of the press conference, of course, tweeting only one thing:

Nate isn’t really known for dressing up, though. He has about 20 black t-shirts and jeans waiting for him in his closet, and that’s totally fine.