Chael Sonnen Was Right About McGregor-Mayweather, Now He’s Saying GSP-McGregor Is Going Down

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Chael Sonnen is still fighting, but he’s also making an impact on the side as one of the most insightful commentators and insiders in the sport. Once you can separate Chael Sonnen the insider from Chael Sonnen the showman selling a fight, you can enjoy Sonnen’s newsworthy tidbits on the MMA rumor mill, and more than anything, his takes on upcoming fights.

This weekend, we got the man claiming a long-rumored fight will happen: Former middleweight and welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre will indeed be fighting Conor McGregor in the future, even if GSP said such a fight against the current UFC lightweight champion does “nothing” for his legacy.

“Conor doesn’t have the belt, and George wants to come back, and George only wants to come back for Conor,” Sonnen says. “And they both want to do this legacy and all this other … a check, guys. That’s what you’re getting in this. Forget about how we think about you in the future, let’s talk about tonight. That’s the fight.”

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