Conor McGregor Apologizes (For Real) After Jumping Into The Cage During A Teammate’s Fight

11.14.17 2 years ago

You know how Conor McGregor typically is: he’d like to apologize … to absolutely nobody! The double champ does what he wants! But it finally seems to be dawning on the Irish UFC superstar that he was in the wrong for jumping into the Bellator cage and basically assaulting two officials at the end of his teammate Charlie Ward’s fight.

The fallout hasn’t been great: despite the event taking place in Ireland, American athletic commissions are looking into whether they can suspend McGregor over the incident. People are also looking to the UFC to reign in their athlete, especially after he was given a pass by the promotion after being caught on film last month calling another fighter a f*ggot.

The UFC claims they removed McGregor from UFC 219 on December 30th over this latest incident, but that’s a debatable punishment considering McGregor was never actually booked to fight on the UFC 219 card in the first place. But at least now McGregor is taking to social media to apologize for his actions.

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