Conor McGregor Tells Conan He’s Down For ‘Dismantling’ Floyd Mayweather In A Boxing Ring

Conor McGregor showed up on Conan last night and was his usual cocky self, dissing Jose Aldo for pulling out of their July 11 fight and declaring he’d “break” Jose’s replacement Chad Mendes. Conversation then turned to a hypothetical fight with Floyd Mayweather, and McGregor gave his most detailed breakdown on that fight yet. Via Team Coco:

“[Mayweather was] 145 pounds against Pacquiao, and my fight is 145 pounds. If you’re asking would I’d like to fight Floyd? Who would not like to dance around the ring for $180 million? It is something that would appeal to me very much. But if we were to fight, I certainly know he would not like to step into my world, the world of pure unarmed combat where there are no limitations. But I most certainly would step into his world. And I would certainly box him if the opportunity arose, most certainly.

“There’s no real boxing fights left in the boxing world for Floyd. After the Manny fight happened, there’s no more real bulls. If you’re looking for a fight that’s gonna generate interest, it must be across… a match-up of different styles. I’ve said it before, I don’t feel boxing is the style of fighting that can beat Floyd. But saying that, there are many, many forms of fighting that can beat him. So, if we were to get it on, I would certainly dismantle him, as well.”

It’s been a longstanding theory in boxing that the way to beat Floyd is to brawl him instead of box him, but many of the best boxers in the world have tried and failed to pull this off. Could McGregor do it? It’s doubtful, but people have been doubting him since the day he arrived in UFC, and he’s done everything he said he would so far. If he gets past Chad Mendes at UFC 189 and Jose Aldo in the fall, this Mayweather question might be worth returning to.

(via Team Coco)