The Dallas Cowboys Reportedly Did Not Have Access To The Photos Of Nicole Holder Before Signing Greg Hardy

jerry jones
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By now, you’ve likely seen the horrific photos of Nicole Holder from the night of Greg Hardy’s domestic violence incident that were published by Deadspin on Friday.

Now that the photos of the dozens of bruises that covered Holder’s body have been made public, the question becomes who knew about them before, and did the Cowboys see the photos before agreeing to sign Hardy this offseason.

The NFL has said that they saw seven photos before deciding to suspend Hardy ten games (which was later reduced to just four games), but according to Mark Maske, an NFL reporter for the Washington Post, a source told him that the photos “were not accessible to the team.”

If this is true, it could conceivably give the Cowboys a reason to release Hardy now that the evidence has come into plain view. It shouldn’t matter, since the Cowboys already had full knowledge of what Hardy was accused of before they signed him, but as we saw with the Ray Rice situation a year ago, once the photographic evidence becomes available and people are able to associate video and/or pictures with words, it creates even more outrage.

The Cowboys have yet to make a comment on the release of the photos.

(Via Pro Football Talk)