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San Francisco 49ers first-round draft prick, uh, pick Michael Crabtree has officially gone off the deep end. So sayeth his agent, Eugene Parker, who is backpedalling away from the former Texas Tech wide receiver so fast, you’d think he was the middle linebacker playing a Cover 2:

It’s widely believed that Crabtree wants to secure more money [as the 10th overall pick in the draft] than receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey finagled from the Raiders as the seventh overall pick. Emphasis added:

Meanwhile, we’re hearing that Parker is dealing with the Crabtree conundrum on the recruiting trail by blaming the holdout on the player. Parker, we’re told, is pointing to the deal he negotiated for defensive end Tyson Jackson at the third overall slot as proof that Parker is willing and able to negotiate a fair deal for a first-round pick. Cell phones, yo!, via.

The Niners appear steadfast, insisting that Crabtree not earn more than the No. 9 pick, Packers D-lineman B.J. Raji. Crabtree seems content to fight stubborn with stubborn, even insisting that he’ll go back into the draft in 2010 if he doesn’t get Heyward-Bey money. I’m typically opposed to the “slotting system” when it comes to rookie salary, but this is nuts. Again, who’s going to wait a year to take the cranky guy that wouldn’t sign for lottery-pick money? Who would even represent Crabtree in such an endeavor? Al Davis looked like he screwed himself over reaching up to get DHB with that seventh pick. Now it’s his neighbors by the bay that seem to be a bit sore.

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