The Crash Reel’s Extreme Sports Injuries Compilation Is 3 Minutes Of Nightmare Fuel

The Crash Reel, a documentary about the rivalry between snowboarders Kevin Pearce and Shaun White and the horrific injury that put Pearce in a coma, came out last week and features one of the scariest, most brutal injuries compilations I’ve ever seen. It’s almost four minutes of guys going up for extreme sports glory and coming down in agony, and at some point you stop going “lol, sports failz” and start going “oh my God what are they doing to themselves?”

Getting crushed by your own snowmobile, rupturing your spleen and falling 30 feet into a sitting are among the horrible things you’re gonna see here, and it’s a must-watch for anyone who loves extreme sports or needs a reminder of why they’re called “extreme.” When you’re done checking this out, try to watch the movie that goes around it. It’s worth your time.

Also, never try to snowboard.

[h/t to Reddit]