The Result Of Taking A Cricket Ball Square To The Face Is As Ugly As You’d Imagine

While it’s certainly possible to get hit in the head with a baseball (it’s of course happened plenty of times over the years), European companion sport Cricket is all the more dangerous since the bowlers (sort of like pitchers) bounce the ball before it gets to the plate, and bouncing balls can often have a mind of their own and wind up anywhere.

Unfortunately for New Zealand cricketer Mitchell McClenaghan, he found that out first-hand during a One Day International against Pakistan on Sunday, as a bouncer thrown by Pakistan’s Anwar Ali took a wild hop and ended up hitting him right in the eye, between the creases of his helmet.

Thanks to a cool infrared style camera from the TV broadcast, we can see exactly where McClenaghan was hit in slow motion as well.

McClenaghan was able to walk off, but had to get stitches and will have to undergo minor cosmetic surgery to repair the damages. Thankfully, he was feeling well enough to thank his fans for their support later in the day, and also give everyone a further glimpse into the damage on Twitter.

The good news for McClenaghan was that his teammates were able to win without him, as they defeated Pakistan by 70 runs.

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