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I don’t know how you can watch this clip of Cris Collinsworth during a 1980s halftime piece for Monday Night Football and NOT think of Matthew Mcconaughey’s character from Dazed and Confused. They are the same guy. The same. Guy. In the clip, Collinsworth–then a wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals–professes his penchant for drawing the interest of high school girls, quipping, “Fourteen to eighteen, I’m a big star with them. As soon as they mature, after they turn 18, they start to figure it out.” And he said this ON NETWORK TELEVISION. Goodell would have any wideout in the league castrated if he said that today.

I can only wonder if Collinsworth ever spent his offseasons running on the beach with Greg LeMond.

HUGE ups to Greg for sending this in. UPDATE: PFT apparently got in touch with Collinsworth, who apologized profusely.

“As a family man I am extremely embarrassed by an interview I did when I was in my early twenties about dating,” Collinsworth said. “My comments were insulting, immature, and foolishly intended as a joke. They do not reflect how I lived my life then . . . or now. I was asked to do something humorous about dating, and it has been a major embarrassment to me since the day I said it. I apologize to anyone who has ever had the misfortune to see it now or a quarter-century ago.”

But why apologize? He was a 25-year-old guy trying to figure out how to get laid. It’s a candid, historical moment from one of the league’s best broadcasters. If anything, he should apologize for that sweater. That thing’s too ugly even to wipe one’s backside with.

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