Prepare To Feel Feelings With All The Most Emotional Cubs Win Reactions

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Winning a World Series title for the first time since 1908 means there’s a lot of baggage to sort through when it finally happens. For the city of Chicago and the Cubs, Wednesday night’s Game 7 win brought with it a number of special moments.

Bars in Chicago were filled to the brim, with people watching outside or even though apartment windows so they could be on the street to celebrate right away. They even gathered around Wrigley Field throughout the game, waiting for the win so many in the Windy City hoped would come before they left this Earth. Here’s what it looked like outside after the final out:

For many longtime Cubs fans it was a moment they dreamed about but couldn’t possibly imagine: a mix of old and new. The thousands of fans gathered outside waited for the famous sign outside the ballpark to say “CUBS WIN” while they tracked the game not on television or even the radio, but through their smartphones.

Cubs manager Joe Maddon also had a touching moment of his own after the dramatic victory.

Maddon said he put his dad’s old Anaheim Angels cap in his back pocket in the 10th inning. In an interview with ESPN after the game, an emotional Maddon took it out and put it on to celebrate on the field. After Game 6, Maddon told reporters he takes his father’s hat with him everywhere he goes.

“He passed away in 2002, we won the World Series, and I’ve had his old Angel hat in my bag since then. So it goes everywhere. So the one thing I’m relying on today is my dad. I held onto his hat a little bit this morning, and that’s probably the omen, in a sense, going into this game.”