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Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling hanging up the bloody sock once and for all. Schilling, he of the three world championships, made the announcement on his blog,

The game always gave me far more than I ever gave it. All of those things, every single one of those memories is enveloped with fan sights and sounds for me. Without the fans they would still be great memories, but none would be enduring and unforgettable because they infused the energy, rage, passion and ‘feel’ of all of those times…I did everything I could to win every time I was handed the ball.

I am and always will be more grateful than any of you could ever possibly know.

Schilling has fielded criticism for being a once-every-five-days guy that runs his mouth like an everyday player. And some of that’s deserved, but the right-hander deserves credit for his understanding of the fan’s perspective, and his attempts at culling that perception (in no small part with his blog) before any mainstream athlete was doing so.

And, oh yeah, he was a pretty awesome pitcher, too. Guys like that have earned the right to be pricks.

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