This Dad Went From World’s Worst To Best After Surprising His Son With A New Baseball Bat

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07.25.16 3 Comments

Sometimes, the internet just gives you a special moment. A Philadelphia dad decided to record one of those moments with his son before a Little League game recently, and if your allergies start acting up, or it’s dusty wherever you are, or someone is cutting onions, don’t worry, that makes two of us.

The set up is simple but effective, the dad pretended he simply forgot his son’s birthday, and the son is clearly upset. Barely able to speak or hide his anger, the little slugger hides his face and almost refuses to speak. The dad toys with him, asking what’s wrong and why he’s mad before eventually asking the little guy to get a bag out of the trunk of their van.

Little No. 27 opens the trunk and immediately gets what’s going on, he’s not here to fetch some bag and he knows exactly what’s in that Amazon box. After the sight of that neon green bat, his emotions run the full gamut: first he’s excited, then he’s just plain giddy, then he’s on the verge of tears and eventually he’s just full on crying. All in about 10 seconds, while the dad says the same thing all the viewers are thinking, “you’re about to make me cry.”

The younger Fowler’s smile was incredible, but his tearful frown was gut-wrenching, in a good way. Dad’s voice cracking was even worse/better, and by the time they embrace for a hug and exchange I love yous, it’s a wrap. When the video ends, you probably don’t even see the final 30 seconds because of all the tears blurring your view because, how could you not get emotional?

The little guy, know affectionately as “Boom,” is seen below in another video taking some batting practice swings with his new bat before a game, putting that incredible birthday present to good use.

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