06.12.07 11 years ago 28 Comments

So it's come to this.  A NASCAR post.  Sigh.

Anyway, last month Dale Earnhardt Jr — whose car is one of the more famous athletes in NASCAR — announced he would leave behind Dale Earnhardt Inc because his stepmother Teresa is a gigantic bitch and ran the organization into the ground. ESPN is now reporting that Earnhardt will race next year for Hendrick Motorsports, which is important because, uh… something about cars?  I think Hendrick gets better gas mileage or something.

There's also lots of talk about whether or not Budweiser will follow Earnhardt to Hendrick to remain his sponsor and about who will get to drive whose car next year.  Wow!  Can you feel the intrigue?  It's like an Agatha Christie novel, if all the suspects drove around in circles and were sponsored by American beers and other crappy products nobody likes, like the U.S. Army.

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