12.05.08 9 years ago 6 Comments

#6 Oklahoma eked out a 73-72 victory over USC last night, and part of what kept the Trojans close was Blake Griffin’s absence during part of the second half after he got nut-punched by USC’s Leon Washington.  And yet, even though they showed the replay a dozen times, neither announcer actually told the viewers what happened.  It’s like they were afraid to say groin, or genitals, or testicles, or jizz factory.  Even the AP article dances around the issue:

Griffin, a preseason All-America forward, had to come out of the game after getting elbowed below the waist by USC’s Leonard Washington with 13:54 left.

BALLS.  He got smacked in the balls.  And not with an elbow.  Announcers and journalists being pussies like this is why people read blogs.  Because we don’t cheat you out of the opportunity to talk about nut shots.  I’m all about the genitals, baby.  I keep my nose to the groinstone.

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