Dana White Slams Darren Rovell Again, Calls Him A ‘Total Douche’

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Darren Rovell was very early to report that the UFC had interest in selling the company to WME-IMG. When the ESPN business reporter published those rumors back in May, president Dana White denied that the UFC was for sale and basically called Rovell a liar who was bad at his job.

Say what you want about Rovell, but — as it turns out — he was dead-on with his reporting of a potential sale. The UFC was officially handed over to WME-IMG for $4 billion earlier this month. Though much richer because of the deal, White had to take the L for his harsh criticism of Rovell.

But that hasn’t stopped the UFC prez from going at Rovell once again, this time after he reported that the acquisition had gone sour.

White clearly didn’t appreciate Rovell’s sleuthing, and he fired back by calling him a “total douche.”

It’s still a bit of a mystery whether or not the deal has actually gone sour — and, if so, for what reason — but if we’ve learned anything over the past couple of months, it’s that we can’t rule Rovell out even if White strongly denies what he reports.

Rovell hasn’t responded to White’s latest verbal assault. Maybe he’s waiting for another round of vindication to do the trash talking for him.

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