Dana White And The UFC Are Taking Over SportsCenter's Twitter Tomorrow

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12.27.13 2 Comments

Dana White Twitter

Well, this is an interesting turn of promotional and marketing events. UFC President Dana White probably raised a few unibrows yesterday, when he Tweeted that he was in command of the SportsCenter Instagram account and would actually be using the SportsCenter Twitter account to live Tweet tomorrow night’s UFC 168 PPV main card. While it’s really cool that the UFC is getting some Worldwide Leader love for such a huge event, it does raise one very important question.

As Awful Announcing pointed out, how does a sports promotion that is so tied up in the success of Fox Sports 1 plan to double dip in this open flirting with ESPN and how does FS1 let this happen? And I think the answer is that ESPN is the younger guy who gets to sleep with the cougar, while her husband is in the other room watching porn. Or something like that. Honestly, this whole story seems really strange to me.

Dana White SC

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