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AOL released its findings for the most popular searches in 2008, and Danica Patrick was the most highly searched athlete, beating out Tiger Woods and Tom Brady.  NASCAR and WWE were the most highly searched sports, followed by the Olympics and MLB.  The NFL was fifth.  This is the same thing that gets picked up in the news every year and tells you Britney Spears was the most popular search for the seventh straight year or whatever.

If all that sounds really depressing, keep in mind that this is for AOL searches. You know who uses AOL?  Grandparents and retards.  These are the people who haven’t even graduated to Internet Explorer yet.  They’re not the Neanderthals of Web use, they’re Australopithecines.  Oh snap!  That’s an ANTHROPOLOGY BURN, bitches!  You just got graduate schooled!

[Sports by Brooks]

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