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Sadly for the three women disturbed enough to read this blog, David Beckham's air-kiss to FC Dallas's Adrian Serioux wasn't foreplay to hardcore gay sex, but a taunt after the defender delivered this egregious two-foot tackle from behind that earned Serioux a red card during the Galaxy's 5-1 win on Sunday.

As Serioux tromped off the field at Pizza Hut Park, Beckham blew him a couple of kisses and then curled up his fingers and gave him a few farewell waves. That riled up the record crowd of 22,331, and from then on they booed Beckham every time he touched the ball.

Beckham's response? After laying on the perfect cross for Edson Buddle to head home his third goal of the game and the Galaxy's fifth, Beckham turned to the crowd and put his right forefinger to his lips in a shushing motion.

Holy crap.  There were 22,000 Texans at a pro soccer game?  Was there some kind of crazy promotion?  "All kids under 12 get a free FC Dallas hand gun"?

[Deuce of Davenport

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