Deion Sanders Is A Cunning Linguist

04.09.10 9 years ago 9 Comments

Not that you weren’t already keenly aware of that fact.

While bringing some much-needed pinstriped style to NFL Network broadcasts, the former dual-threat is also introducing brand-spanking-new words to the lexicon. During a spirited panel discussion with Rich Eisen and Warren Sapp regarding Donovan McNabb’s trade to the Washington Redskins (video here), Deion, who undoubtedly questions the wisdom of the Eagles front office for trading McNabb to a team in its own division, could not think of an appropriate word to adequately describe his vexation with the move, so he made up one:


“First of all, I gathered myself and sat down because I couldn’t believe that this was the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life, except for that Herschel Walker ‘shibocle’ years ago. But you trade a guy in your own division that you got to see him twice, and you have [Kevin] Kolb, [LeSean] McCoy, [Jeremy] Maclin and DeSean Jackson – seven years amongst the complete trio of playmakers that you have for an 11-year guy that has taken you to five NFC championships and a Super Bowl. Man, are you kidding me?” -Moving the Chains.

Shibocle? I have to kindly disagree with the particular spelling chosen by the above writer – Pro Football Talk transcribes the term as “shibacle,” which I find to be much more accurate. With that in mind, it appears Deion’s contribution to the English language is some bizarre combination of the word “debacle” and something else. But what could it be? S**t? Shish, as in “I don’t mean to skewer the Philadelphia Eagles, but this trade was a shish kabob of a debacle,” which doesn’t make any more sense than shibacle, come to think of it. Jeez, all that work for nothing. How’s that for a travashamockery?

I think I know what’s going on here. Deion is obviously jealous of the attention former teammate Emmitt Smith garners for his unique grasp of the English language and felt now was the time to strike.

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