DeMarcus Ware Surprised A Bunch Of Soldiers With A Homecooked Holiday Meal

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks and give back, even if you’re usually the one giving out sacks.

For DeMarcus Ware, this Thanksgiving was an opportunity to do something nice for some American troops away from home for the holidays. Ware and former Bronco Taurean Nixon hosted four soldiers from Ft. Collins who were a bit nervous about getting called into their superior’s office and whisked away from their base.

“Normally if you get called into the sergeant major’s office you did something,” Felix F. said. “Like, bad. You messed up.”

“You’re not going there to eat cookies and drink milk,” added Jordan T.

Instead of some punishment, the troops were taken to a house where DeMarcus Ware greeted them at the door. Nixon appears to have cooked them a turkey, and the usual Thanksgiving fixings were all there for the group of six to enjoy.

After sitting down to the Thanksgiving dinner, Ware and the troops hung out on a few couches while the Broncos superstar spoke from the heart.

You know people look up to us and they say that we’re the stars. But the thing is, for us, you guys are the stars. You are the guys that we look up to because you’re going over and beyond in a whole different realm in keeping us safe and I know that’s one thing I’m thankful for. That’s why it’s good to have an opportunity to just to hang and be with you guys.

The troops then played some catch with Ware and Nixon in the backyard. If they were keeping score, it’s safe to assume the troops would have won.

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