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Jaguars wide receiver Dennis Northcutt is being sued by a former girlfriend, Sharri Henry, who claims he hired a goon to beat her up. At the time, Henry was four months pregnant. The two sides of the story from TMZ:

Northcutt’s agent, Jerome Stanley, told TMZ, “This was nothing but a desperate shakedown by a jilted ex-girlfriend who is claiming to be pregnant with his child.” Stanley says Henry is upset because Northcutt dumped her for another girl. As for the assault, Stanley says, “She verbally antagonized the guy who hit her.” He says Northcutt knew nothing about the attack until after it happened.

Henry’s lawyer, Loyst P. Fletcher, just gave TMZ the following statement: “Mr. Northcutt and his entourage, which included his current girlfriend, were apparently angry that Miss Henry refused to abort a child that she believed he fathered. Words were exchanged and a member of that entourage, whom we believe is Mr. Northcutt’s cousin, viciously attacked Miss Henry.” She’s now 7 months pregnant.

So she didn’t even lose the baby? What’s the big deal?

Fun gets funner when you look at this interview with Northcutt (via Pro Football Talk). Northcutt said:

I felt like a lot of [older] guys got into relationships they weren’t ready for. I would think, ‘Why is he doing that? You know he’s not ready.’ Then it would end up not working. So I figured I wasn’t about to go through all that. For what? By staying single, I’ve saved a whole lot of money. I didn’t have to play any divorce settlements, no child support. I know guys that pay $20,000 or $10,000 a month in child support. That’s expensive, man. And there are a lot of women with ulterior motives, too. Let’s be real. They’re looking for a security blanket, straight up. You’re not getting a security blanket from me. You better go out and work as hard as I did [laughing]. I’m not the one. Not all women are like that, but there are a lot of them out there.

Mmm-MM! Now that is some tasty irony! Makes me wanna go through Internet archives looking for Rae Carruth interviews.

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