Wince In Awe Of Heavyweight Champ Deontay Wilder’s Devastating KO Of Artur Szpilka

Deontay Wilder is very good at punching human beings for a living. So much so that he’s 36-0 with a WBC heavyweight title to match and string of devastating KOs on his highlight reel. His latest knockout victory came last night in Brooklyn and it left challenger Artur Szpilka with one nasty in-ring souvenir.

As the video above illustrates, Wilder connected with a wrecking ball of a right in the 9th round to leave Szpilka in a heap on the mat. Up to that point, Szpilka’s night had been going comparatively well with Wilder in a more competitive match than some had originally forecasted. Naturally, Szpilka getting obliterated ended the bout decisively and the Polish pugilist needed to be stretchered out and sent to the hospital. Wilder’s KO power was met with the crowd going completely berserk because holy moly.

You’d think seeing Wilder fustigate a dude in person would dissuade challengers from wanting a similar skullbusting, but noted heavyweight championship collector Tyson Fury used the scene to push into the ring for a bit of pro graps style d*ckswinging. Wilder and Fury exchanged words in the ring as two giant prizefighters are wont to do and SURPRISE! both gentlemen are fairly confident in their ability to knock out the other. LET THE PROMO BATTLE BEGIN!

Carefully orchestrated manipulation or no, our interest level in a Fury/Wilder bout has gone up roughly four notches.

(via Deadspin)