Derek Jeter Has Dumped His Latest Gorgeous Girlfriend To Focus On Baseball

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On Saturday, model Hannah Davis was one of the several very attractive women who participated in DirecTV’s 8th annual celebrity beach bowl, as the event provides a chance for otherwise normal male celebrities to “playfully” tackle Chrissy Teigen while John Legend soulfully proclaims, “Nice try, loser.” Davis was all smiles during the flag football game and the red carpet after party, which wouldn’t normally raise an eyebrow, except this morning’s biggest sports story is that she was recently dumped by her boyfriend, Derek Jeter.

According to Page Six, as Davis’s career is taking off, that’s the usual red flag for Jeter, who demands his privacy despite being a high-profile athlete worth tons of money. So because Davis is becoming a household name and Jeter has a new baseball season to focus on, the model reportedly recently left the relationship with an autographed baseball and other such parting gifts.

One source told us: “Derek likes to keep his relationships quiet. In the past, when his girlfriends become famous and start doing sexy shoots, that’s when they break up. Exactly the same thing happened with Minka and Vanessa Minnillo.”

I’m still not sure that I’d call Minka Kelly famous. For some strange reason, she never really became a star, and that’s why she’s currently stuck as a supporting character and vague love interest on the wildly underrated Almost Human. But I understand and respect Jeter’s desire for his ladies to not sex it up in the Maxims of the world, so he can avoid what perils they may bring.

A different top secret inside source, however, told Page Six that Jeter’s reason for dumping Davis isn’t because she’s becoming too famous or because he has a list of several million other 18-year old models that he needs to sleep with before he turns 50. He’s simply all about baseball, ladies.

Another source said, “Derek and Hannah broke up a few months ago. She wasn’t at his Celebrity Golf Classic last month. He is in Tampa and is completely focused on being fit and ready for the upcoming baseball season.”

Either way, Davis was flying solo at the Super Bowl festivities this past weekend, but I think she’ll be just fine. It’s hard to believe that a girl who looks like Amanda Bynes’s hotter, younger, saner sister could really ever be unlucky in love.

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