10.20.08 10 years ago 8 Comments

The Texas Longhorns seized the #1 college ranking with a win over Missouri this weekend, but more important than Colt McCoy’s bid for Heisman Trophy front-runnerdom was OMIGOD Derek Jeter was at the game!!!!!1!!

The Yankees captain, who hails from Michigan and lives in New York City, had no apparent reason to be at the game except to remind us all that his girlfriend is actress Minka Kelly, and if he wants to be on the sideline of a premier national sporting event, then he’ll be on the sideline.  Because he’s Derek Jeter, and his girlfriend is Minka Kelly, and you, sir, are neither rich nor famous nor adored by millions in the nation’s most populous city.  He really can do anything.  Except get the Yankees to the playoffs as the ravages of time take away his defensive range and slows down his swing.

[Tree’s Trunk via Busted Coverage, more info here]

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