Derrick Henry Made The Entire Jaguars Defense Look Silly On A 99-Yard Touchdown Run

Getty Image

Derrick Henry is a beast. While he’s had a relatively slow 2018 campaign for the Tennessee Titans, there aren’t many people on earth quite like Henry. He’s a talented, NFL-caliber running back with impressive speed in a 6’3, 247 pound frame. When he’s able to get a head of steam behind him, Henry is awfully hard to bring down.

Henry showed what he’s capable of doing on Thursday night when the Titans played host to their division rivals, the Jacksonville Jaguars. The ball was on Tennessee’s doorstep, as the snap was taken on the one-yard line. If any number of things went wrong, it was going to end up a safety at the very least.

Instead, Henry took a handoff from Marcus Mariota and proceeded to do something that now makes him the legal owner of the Jags.

Henry gets a lane and hits it, taking off down the sideline. There are several Jaguars defenders who have the chance to try and stop him, but Henry went beat mode and just threw dudes off of him. Both A.J. Bouye and Leon Jacobs received the cruelest stiff arms Henry could throw, and 99 yards later, the Titans back got himself a tuddy.

To celebrate, Henry decided to remind everyone that he won a Heisman Trophy back when he’d clown defenses on the regular at Alabama.

This is as impressive of a run as you’ll ever see, and while the blocking to get him out of his end zone was impressive, Henry deserves a ton of credit for making this happen. It’s awfully hard to imagine that we’ll see a better run in the NFL this season … or really any time soon.