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Three items are fueling the speculation that the Detroit Lions might be re-branding its football franchise. The first, and easily least significant is a contest that the Detroit News held, inviting readers to create their own logos. Some of the worst are posted on this page; the winner can be seen here. |Thanks to Uni Watch|

The other two bits of info come from PFT. The indefatigable Florio first points to a Grady Jackson interview:

On Monday, Jackson blurted out that he likes the team’s “new colors.” (In Grady’s defense, he was probably distracted by thoughts of food.)

Also mentioned was the fact that the Detroit Lions online pro shop is selling merch at massively slashed prices. And they don’t seem to have anything at regular price. I ordered a Jon Kitna jersey for like ten bucks. Yeah, I overpaid by about $9.50, but it was totally worth it for all the brownie points it’ll score me with Jesus! Eh, at least if I get a DUI while I’m wearing it, I’ll be granted eternal salvation. That’s how that works, right?

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