This Young Fan Is ‘Famous’ After Being Photobombed By Two Red Wings Players From The Penalty Box

10.04.16 2 years ago 2 Comments

Going to a hockey game is fun because of how close you are to the action. The only things between you and hockey players are boards and plexiglass, so when something happens, you’re right there.

This doesn’t just include the game itself, it also includes things like the penalty box. Four-year-old Lylah Almas learned this lesson in the best way possible when her parents took her to a Detroit Red Wings game earlier this week. A pair of Red Wings players – Dylan Larkin and Steve Ott – were in the penalty box and Lylah’s mom, Shannon, wanted to get a picture with the two dudes in the background.

While they were sitting there, Larkin and Ott realized what was going on, so they turned their heads and smiled for the camera. Shannon posted the picture onto her Instagram, the Red Wings shared it, and as of Thursday night, it has more than 23,000 likes. As Shannon told, Lylah doesn’t understand that she’s something of a celebrity.

“She was obviously really excited when she saw it, but I don’t think she realizes at her age how exciting it was,” Shannon Almas said. “I kept telling her, ‘You’re famous! You don’t care that you’re famous?’ and she’s like ‘Yeah, I don’t care.’ My husband and I are both freaking out and she’s like, ‘Meh.’ “

One day this will be really, really cool for Lylah, but playing it cool is fine for now. Oh, and to NHL players: have some more fun in the penalty box. As Larkin and Ott showed, just because you’re in trouble that doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time.


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