Things Got Ugly In The Detroit Tigers Dugout When Two Teammates Almost Fought

The Detroit Tigers are a bad baseball team. Most of you are aware of this. Coming into the season, they had the fourth highest payroll in Major League Baseball, and yet still found themselves selling big name players at the trade deadline. Sure, the injury to Miguel Cabrera was a mitigating factor. The loss of the game’s top offensive player was a tough pill to swallow. But the Tigers were done well before his injury, struggling to stay in games with shoddy starters, an inconsistent offense and an obnoxiously bad bullpen.

As a lifelong Tigers fan I find them completely unwatchable. In fact, I was watching Rocky IV for the 100th time last night when this incident went down in the dugout.

[mlbvideo id=”343354383″ width=”650″ height=”360″ /]

Two Vines of the play from Bless You Boys:

That’s shortstop Jose Iglesias and catcher James McCann almost coming to blows. If not for Nick Castellanos stepping in to break it up, things probably would’ve gotten ugly. Of course, no one said anything of substance after the game.

Nothing to see here guys, move along. Where’s that Officer Barbrady meme when you need it? Oh there it is.

The Tigers fell to 53-56 with the 7-2 loss. They are a bad baseball team.