Did Jameis Winston’s Accuser Try To Extort Him For $7 Million?

Will the Jameis Winston news cycle ever come to an end? That’s the question many (including myself) are asking today after TMZ pulled this wild story out of their butt. According to the gossip rag, Winston’s rape accuser tried to extort him for $7 million in exchange for silence.

WHAT?! How is this just coming out? And the timing of this? Yeah, everything is off here.

David Cornwell, the lawyer for the Heisman Trophy winner, sent a letter to FSU, saying Winston will fully cooperate with the University’s ongoing investigation into the handling of the rape charges. The alleged victim claims the University engaged in sexual discrimination by sweeping her claims under the rug to protect its prized athlete.

According to the letter — obtained by TMZ Sports — the alleged victim’s lawyer, Patricia Carroll, demanded $7 MIL to settle her client’s claims against FSU and Winston, telling Cornwell, “If we settle, you will never hear from my client or me again — in the press or anywhere.”

Cornwell says he rejected her offer and 4 days later she went to the media.

I did some digging on #FSUTwitter and there’s a rumor going around about the lawyer obtaining said extortion in a recorded phone call—which may or may not be admissible in court. Frankly, that’s too much legalese for me. Outside looking in, how are you going to extort anyone for $7 million, let alone a college kid? That’s just dumb.

That being said, given the Jameis Winston shenanigans last week, the stunt at the student union and the theatrics at the game, this reeks of a PR stunt. I sincerely hope that’s not the case, both for Winston and the accuser.