Did This Awkward Ohio State Fan Get Caught Cheating On Live Television?

What’s going on in this clip (UPDATE)? What is this Ohio State fan doing? And why does she feel so guilty about it? Let’s go to the slow motion replay.

We can only speculate, but damn, caught on national TV doing something she’s not supposed to be doing? Caught rubbing someone’s head she’s not supposed to be rubbing? Ouch.

And the guilt. Oh, the guilt.

There are alternate theories floating around, alternate theories that suggest this woman wasn’t cheating at all.

I think she was trying to pickpocket that guy on the left and got caught by the camera.

Out of all the suggestions so far this is the closest. Her hand is too far back from touching guy on her right’s head. The black guy also checks his wallet/shorts as if someone just tugged on them a little and he’s pulling them back up/wallet checking. Her eye glance immediately after is far enough for her to be checking on said guy as well. It’s not to the guy squatting down.

Edit: We’re pretty sure OP was right all along. Glance is to the kid on the lower left. Black guy is resting his hand to his side after pulling it out of his hoodie to point. Secret lover can be seen moving his head to her scratching his head/neck. You can also see the shadow of her hand close enough to his neck.

Look closely at the video and you can see the young boy say something like “we’re on TV.” And that’s when her hand retreats. Again, we have no idea what’s going on, but something’s just not right here.

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