This College Basketball Player’s Punk Move May Have Had Huge Gambling Implications

Senior Editor
12.05.14 7 Comments

You’ve likely seen this scenario before. As a basketball game winds down players will shake hands in the final seconds—with the outcome decided*, nobody cares about the extra points.

Except this guy…

Here’s Portland State’s Bryce White with the ultimate punk move, stealing the ball during a handshake and dunking in the other direction. Sure, White was playing against his rival, Portland, but nah, that ain’t acceptable. He’s lucky he got out of that gym without getting jumped.

*Weird part about this story: The line for many was PSU -12.5 (it was -9.5 on some books). So that basket (which cut the lead from 83-69 to 83-71) had HUGE betting implications. I’m not saying this looks fishy, but yeah, maybe grab your tinfoil hat.

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