Disney Announced A ‘Mighty Ducks’ Reboot And A Number Of Sports Projects, Including A Center For Sports

Disney had itself quite a Thursday, especially on Twitter. Through its various platforms covering Disney, Disney+, and Pixar it announced or teased dozens upon dozens of shows, movies and projects it hopes to deliver fans in the coming years, whether on its streaming platforms or in movie theaters, once that’s a more reasonable way to turn a profit following the coronavirus pandemic.

Though the rash of announcements had a lot of Marvel and Star Wars fans plenty excited, there was a lot of tidbits for more sports-minded fans. You just had to know where to look and, quite frankly, the endless stream of tweets didn’t make it easy. For example news about several sports movies, including a pair set to chronicle the lives of Chris Paul and Giannis Antetokounmpo, came right after the revelation that they’re remaking Three Men And A Baby with Zac Efron.

But there was actually a lot of sports news in the massive drop of future content. And perhaps the biggest is official word that they’re rebooting The Mighty Ducks, and noted bad coach Gordon Bombay back in the fold. This time, he’s bringing Lorelai Gilmore with him.

Mighty Ducks: Game Changers is an extremely 2020 show name, but it’s big news to say the least. And it’s not the only Disney+ sports show in the works.

Meanwhile, Stephen A. Smith will also continue his quest to appear on television every hour of the day with a new ESPN+ show called Stephen A’s World.

Disney also announced a new ESPN+ show that will sound familiar to anyone who has ever watched, uh, SportsCenter.

There’s also a Tom Brady-focused show called Man In The Arena, which had been announced in the past on the heels of the success of The Last Dance.

The Mighty Ducks news alone is certainly intriguing for anyone who grew up watching the original movies, and it seemed inevitable given the sheer number of reboots and remakes on the way. As for all the ESPN+ content, well, I think they just might have something there with a show recapping what happened in the previous night of sports.

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