02.19.09 9 years ago 13 Comments

It’s been a couple days since we’ve posted video of somebody injuring their face, so here ya go. Enjoy this. Diving board face plants are far too rare. Divers just don’t have the same naked idiocy as skateboarders, I guess.

True story: When I was a lifeguard in high school, I used to have some moderate diving skills. Not too many, just enough to get myself injured. I still have a scar on top of my head from when I Louganis’d a flip with a full twist. I got out of the pool and blood was gushing out of my head and down my face. Trust me, if you ever want people to freak out, definitely go with the blood-running-down-your-face look. Then open up your eyes real wide and laugh maniacally. And carry an axe. I really regret not having an axe that day.

[Don Chavez]

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