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In her blog on last week, the lovely Alyssa Milano addressed a letter to Dodger manager Grady Little and made the following request:

I beg of you, in the future please refrain from batting anyone with a batting average under the Mendoza Line in the CLEANUP spot. I'm all for [Olmedo] Saenz getting the start at first to get some more at-bats and give [James] Loney a break, but you may want to consider batting him appropriately for a .185 hitter. Just a suggestion. Call me crazy.

No, I would never call you crazy Alyssa.  Unless, for instance, you were wearing leather, had a whip, entranced me to remove my trousers , and then said "Call me a crazy witch!"  Sure, then I'd call you crazy.  Anyway, Robyn Norwood of the L.A. Times had this response to Miss Milano's open letter:

Impressions: Nice use of sarcasm . . . But she might cause a little trouble in the clubhouse by ripping the manager so specifically, considering she has dated Brad Penny and Russell Martin.

Oh, snap!

One other thing: In light of her dating activity, maybe "Touch 'em all" isn't the best title for her blog.

Rawr!!  I love catfights.  They remind me of grammar school when the nuns would beat the female students whose uniform skirts didn't reach their knee.  Good times. -KD

(Thanks to Panger from Foul Balls for the tip.)    

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