02.13.07 11 years ago 11 Comments

I just watched this video (Edit: link fixed) of Donald Trump challenging Vince McMahon to a match at Wrestlemania, and I can't even begin to understand it. Like, I know WWE is fake and all, but my suspension of disbelief only goes so far. And Donald Trump doing anything that might mess up his hair is about as realistic as Voltron making a cameo in the Transformers movie. C'mon, Voltron was a bunch of mechanical cats (piloted by people) that assembled to be one big robot. That's totally different from alien robots that change into cars or airplanes.

On a WWE-related note, former Diva Search contestant Erica Chevaller — who attained some level of minor renown after leaving her high school history teaching job after she appeared on the USA National Bikini Team website — will be appearing in Playboy. Just thought you should know (thanks to Zach).

Oh, and what do you know — here are some pics. This woman taught tenth grade. The only thing I would have learned from her would have been how to get a bathroom pass to go masturbate in the middle of class. (UPDATE: Well, looky here. It's a NSFW link to her Playboy pics.)

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