Donald Trump Claimed He Shot A Suspiciously Good Round Of Golf In April

05.17.19 3 months ago

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Donald Trump loves golf, and he fancies himself quite good at it. But the evidence continues to grow that, well, he isn’t all that good at the sport he loves most.

Golf stories involving Trump often seem pretty unbelievable, ranging from him cheating his way to victories or warping reality by challenging the very definition of what “winning” is. Can you be a club champion, for example, if you didn’t even participate in said club’s championship tournament? And what if you steal a child’s ball on the green when yours went into the water?

Trump will say his handicap is legitimate and his golf game is terrific, and he has a whole legion of employees at his clubs who will “verify” that stance. But much like any “facts” when it comes to Donald Trump, it’s best to be skeptical. Which is exactly why Trump posting a 68 at one of his own courses seems particularly incredible.

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