Donald Trump Won His Golf Course’s Championship After Allegedly Stealing A Child’s Ball

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Back in March, a story took over the Twitterverse regarding the circumstances under which Donald Trump won the 2018 course championship at Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach. Trump did not participate in the tournament — he cited the demands of the office of the presidency — which was won by a man named Ted Virtue. Instead, after running into Virtue, Trump suggested a playoff, won, and said they were co-champions, even if the plaque at the course says POTUS won.

As it turns out, Trump’s win may have came under some dubious circumstances. Rick Reilly, the author of the book Commander in Cheat, sat down with Vox’s Sean Illing to discuss his book and the president’s game on the links.

When asked about a story regarding Trump cheating on the golf course, Reilly returns to the game he played against Virtue. As the longtime sportswriter tells it, Trump might have taken some liberties with which ball was his. After sending his shot sailing into the water, Trump walked up to the green and said one of the balls sitting pretty belonged to him.

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