Donald Trump Reportedly Used Charity Money To Buy Himself An Autographed Tim Tebow Helmet

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Campaigns Throughout Iowa
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A story involving Donald Trump and Tim Tebow seems too good to be true. Is this from a satirical website? Was it concocted by a ripe imagination? Is it possible that the two clickiest names in politics and sports are really together in one story?

According to the Washington Post, well, yes.

Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee for U.S. president, and Tebow, the presumptive worst quarterback in NFL history, have come together in a story about Trump allegedly using charity money to buy a football helmet autographed by Tebow.

Four years ago, at a charity fundraiser in Palm Beach, Donald Trump got into a bidding war at the evening’s live auction. The items up for sale: A Denver Broncos helmet, autographed by then-star quarterback Tim Tebow, and a Tebow jersey.

Trump won, eventually, with a bid of $12,000.

But Trump didn’t actually pay with his own money.

Instead, the Susan G. Komen organization — the breast-cancer nonprofit that hosted the party — got a $12,000 payment from another nonprofit , the Donald J. Trump Foundation.

Could this spell the end of Trump’s campaign? For a presidential candidate to act so improperly with November on the horizon, this could destroy the … hahaha, just kidding. Once you endorse rounding up Muslims for capture and it doesn’t derail your campaign, you can spend all the illegal money you want on Tebow stuff.

The Post story goes on to say that there’s potential for Trump to dodge a bullet here if he donated the Tebow stuff to another charity. Knowing Trump, he will probably say that’s what he did, then have the helmet in his hand during the Republican National Convention, then deny both things ever happened while wearing the helmet in a Fox News interview.

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