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Rememeber when your high school football coach told you every play was designed to go for a touchdown, and you were like "Yeah, right. A run between the guard and tackle? Or the Dave Wannstedt Draw? Whatever." Well, apparently that kind of dynamic play calling works in the SEC because LSU and Arkansas were carrying the pigskin over the goal line on some of the simplest plays ever devised. Arkansas' fullback ran the ball right through the middle of the line for a 65-yard touchdown in the 3rd quarter. And he's a white guy. Anyway, the Razorbacks defeated the Tigers in 3 overtimes because LSU coach Les Miles pronounced the name of the 25th state incorrectly:

"They weren't saying it right so we wanted to let them know how to say it," [Arkansas RB/QB Darren] McFadden said. 

Ah yes, I've heard they place primary importance on elocution lessons at the University of Arkansas. Enunciating correctly and clearly is very important if you're training for a career that uses a CB radio. Oh well, who will be the new #1 now that LSU has lost? Will Kansas beat Missouri? Will Ohio State benefit from not playing anymore games? Will my bookie let my legs heal before breaking them again? -KD 

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