Drew And Brittany Brees Will Commit $5 Million To COVID-19 Relief In Louisiana

Louisiana has been one of the states hit hardest by COVID-19. As of this writing, the state has nearly 1,800 confirmed cases and one of the highest fatality rates across the nation. Relief efforts are ongoing to try and slow the spread of the virus, with Louisiana being under a state of emergency since March 11.

Saints quarterback and Drew Brees, along with his wife, Brittany, have decided to put money towards supporting the place they have grown to call home over the years. Brees announced on his Instagram account that the family will commit $5 million towards a myriad of relief efforts, and will team up with organizations around the state with the goal of preparing and delivering 10,000 meals a day.

Here’s what Brees wrote in his post:

Brittany and I are committing $5,000,000 to the State of Louisiana in 2020. The priority now is helping our communities get through this tough time.
After considerable research and conversations with local organizations, we will be mobilizing our partnerships with Second Harvest Food Bank, Ochsner Health Systems, Walk-Ons, Jimmy Johns, Smalls Sliders and Waitr to prepare and deliver over 10,000 meals per day throughout Louisiana for as long as it takes to children on meal programs, seniors, and families in need. Let’s all do our part, maintain hope, and get through this together.

Coronavirus hit especially close to home for Brees, as Saints head coach Sean Payton tested positive for the virus recently. He has, however, said that he is in the clear, which is a rare bit of great news amid what has been a tumultuous time. The Brees family isn’t originally from Louisiana, but it has become home over the years, and it’s really great to see that they’re giving back to the area during a time where a whole lot of people need all the help they can get.