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Hilary Duff and Barry Zito were photographed leaving some chic, Hollywood nightspot recently.  While this will certainly be fodder for the celebrity rumor mongers and gossip rags, this coupling could not have come too soon for your assistant editor.  Why?  Quite simply they are both musical geniuses. 

From what I remember of an episode of This Week in Baseball, Zito plays guitar before every start to help him relax.  When asked if his talent helped with the ladies, he professed it was only a calming technique.  The dude had chops, and he is lefty.  He could be the next Jimi Hendrix or Kurt Cobain.  Or at least the next Bernie Williams.  Oh well, he will be receiving $126 million to waste his talent on the mounds of the National League this year.

Zito is good, but Hilary Duff will undoubtedly be remembered as the 21st century's W.A. Mozart.  From her first compositions on Lizzie McGuire to "Girl Can Rock" on her album Most Wanted, she has bucked convention, explored new avenues of musical expression, and shown that today's pop music industry can be more than a pretty face, a waif's body, and sub-par musicianship.

Surely this is the greatest pairing of guitar virtuosos since Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton sharpened their axes for The Yardbirds.   I can only hope that some sort of  "Sonny and Cher" type variety show is in the works. -KD

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