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As the Red Sox head to the playoffs yet again, the Boston Globe has turned out the definitive article on Dustin Pedroia, a well-written but otherwise fluffy piece that elaborates on the long odds Pedroia overcame and applauds his confidence and trash-talking skills.  The key excerpt, however, recounts Pedroia’s ping-pong match against Brady Quinn:

Pedroia’s ping-pong victims include Cleveland Browns quarterback Brady Quinn, whom Pedroia baited into a match last year at the Athletes’ Performance Institute in Arizona. Never mind that Quinn, a rugged 6-foot-3 and 235 pounds, towered over him.

Yes, because intimidating size is a huge factor in the bruising sport of table tennis.  He’s so brave!

“You want a piece of me, meat?” Pedroia said.

[Andre] Ethier, who witnessed the scene, said, “Dustin was talking smack to him the whole time, talking about how he would sack Brady and put him on his back. Dustin absolutely destroyed him, and Brady couldn’t stand losing to someone who is 5-foot-something. It was pretty incredible.”

Also incredible?  The sexual tension in that room.  I wasn’t there and I could feel it.  Brady Quinn didn’t like losing to the little man.  Pedroia talked down to Quinn.  Balls flew at people’s faces.  Hey fellas, get a room why doncha?

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