Dwight Howard Is On A PR Tour, Goin’ Each And Every Place With A Mic In His Hand

09.28.12 6 years ago 9 Comments

Dwight Howard said over and over that he didn’t want to play for the Los Angeles Lakers. Even after he was traded to L.A., he still openly stated that he wanted to be in Brooklyn, playing for the Nets. And while he’ll likely never openly admit that his ties to Brooklyn (allegedly) developed because it meant jobs with Jay-Z and ESPN for his friends, and that Adidas was going to pay him more than Derrick Rose money to be the face of New York’s newer, cooler franchise, he’ll still get more than he ever hoped for with the Lakers.

People have already mostly forgotten that Howard made LeBron James look like Mother Theresa in the way he handled his departure from the Orlando Magic. After all, Orlando is a one-horse town that really only offers a star like Howard the convenience of no state income tax, which is why he’s keeping his home in Central Florida, despite purchasing a $20 million mansion in California. But we’re forgetting what a selfish a-hole child he behaved like, because Howard has unlimited PR tools at his disposal. First up, Ellen.

Howard showed up on Ellen yesterday to teach America’s most lovable daytime host how to Dougie, because that’s something that people are really still talking about. Also, he journeyed back into relevance by showing off his Gangnam Style skills. All in all, Dwight Howard is a great guy and everyone loves him.

In other Howard news, in order to prove that ESPN was right in naming him one of the 5 best current NBA players – arguable but accurate – Howard is finally working on his post game, which is something that he refused to do in Orlando, because it cut into his planking time. But if I’m a Lakers fan, I’m excited about this because it could mean that he’s developing into the beast that he should be. Just don’t get your hopes up, that’s all.

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