Watch The First Official Teaser For ‘EA Sports College Football 25’

Ever since EA Sports announced the revival of their college football video game franchise (under a new name), fans have been both excited and skeptical.

The franchise was one of the most beloved sports video games of all-time, but after more than a decade without it, there was a wonder if it’d ever actually get over the finish line. After the initial release got pushed back from 2023 to 2024, that skepticism only grew, and with nothing in the way of official word regarding the game for months and months, fans were a bit wary of getting their hopes up. Beyond that, fans don’t want a CFB game skin of Madden, as the original franchise had its own unique look and feel to it’s professional football video game counterpart.

On Thursday, EA Sports finally gave the people a little (truly tiny) taste of the game and confirmation that it was coming this summer. There’s still no firm release date, but the expectation has long been at some point in July. The teaser trailer gives people a glimpse at some of the renderings being added to the game, along with word that full details and, one would assume, a cover, full trailer, and release date will be arriving in May.

The teaser does give hope to those that want this to be its own experience as it shows off renderings of Alabama’s mascot, Big Al, as well as a mapping of the Florida football complex, indicating this will indeed be an immersive experience into the world of college football.

big al render
EA Sports College Football 25
florida complex
EA Sports College Football 25

How successful the game is in terms of recapturing the old magic will really come down to whether they listened to the fans and spent most of their time building out Dynasty mode, which was maybe the best “franchise/career” mode sports games have ever had. If they nail that, the game will be a success even if it has the hiccups that come with having to mostly build a new game from scratch (and the expected glitches and wonkiness that come from trying to create a sports simulation game).

For that, we’ll have to wait, but for the moment we can all enjoy knowing the game really is coming and there’s some promising developments.