10.15.07 11 years ago 25 Comments

The Beautiful Game is calling this goal by some Venezuelan in the Ecuador-Venezuela World Cup qualifier the greatest goal of all time.  And yeah, I guess scoring from midfield on a free kick is pretty impressive, but I prefer my greatest goals ever to have a lot of great dribbling and/or passing.  A single kick where the entire wall ducks doesn't quite do it for me, no matter where it's from.

Besides, how can it be the greatest goal of all time if Tom Brady didn't score it?  How is this supposed to be memorable if it doesn't happen in a Red Sox-Yankees game?  It's Ecuador and Venezuela.  No one even knows where those countries are.  I mean, the players look kinda brown, so I'm guessing they're somewhere under Texas.  Maybe we should be more impressed that they have the technology to televise a soccer game than some guy kicking the ball really hard and far. 

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