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There wasn’t much of a stir when the NFL announced that it would look to sell advertising space on its practice jersey for ads, but it looks like one little trailblazer will elect to not wear his sponsor-laden jersey in front of the cameras as intended? And who is this modern-day Rosa Parks? Eli Manning, whose personal endorsement deal with Citizen watches conflicts with the Timex ads that will appear on Giants’ practice jerseys this season.

Manning’s jersey has the patch on it and news crews might be able to film the small patch – 3½ inches by 4½ inches – from afar, but for this practice and all future practices, Manning is not expected to give Timex much love due to his conflict of interest. We’re told Manning will do interviews before practice in a t-shirt and will take off his pads for any interviews after practice. via.

This is like the Dream Team in Barcelona all over again. Just drape an American flag over the shoulder, Eli. Or your special woobie. We all know you have it stashed in your locker. It’ll be your only hope at salvation once Plaxico Burress is locked up. Personally, I only like blankets for strangling hookers and climbing out of tall hotel rooms. Those activities go together like peanut butter and jelly when you think about it.

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